Irssi scripts Autoruns/loads/unloads scripts from the autorun directory, requires: Detects mistyped /commands that match a regex, requires: Compress logs using perl modules, requires: Notifies you if you try to prefix a message with a nick that has left the channel, requires: Sends notifications to your phones, tablets, browsers and desktops, requires: Lets you whitelist users/hostmasks that should be able to directly query you. All other queries require you to accept them, requires: Adds a $SPACE expando that can be used in /formats for variable-length spaces, $[-12]SPACE would add 12 spaces Cycles over /set completion_keep_publics number of users that have spoken recently using <tab> Adds a 'timezones' statusbar item that displays timezones for specified users/cities/places, requires: Script by shabble that provides a prompt that can be changed with irssi signals Freenode op commands made easier, requires:
updated 230705

Script to enable identd when connecting to irc servers, requires:
  • Port to be accessible from the internet, since on *nix a non-privileged user can't bind to ports under 1024 you need to portforward port 113 to a port on the local machine that's above port 1024 and /set identd_port to this port